Daylight Savings Petition- Understanding More About It

02 May

Daylight saving time is a concept that has been in place for 100 years plus. It has raised so much debate with many people claiming that they don't see the need to turn the clock back just to save on daylight. The benefits of daylight saving are minimal compared to the cons thus the rise of daylight savings petition. Most people argue that daylight saving time worked in World War I when there were fewer air cons unlike nowadays where there is no need to save on daylight.

Daylight saving petition is a result of health complications and the economy being affected. Daylight saving has had a negative consequences on school going children and even by affecting their performance. It also affects work productivity for people who are working. Actually, clock changing does not result in more daylight rather the sun sets and raises much later going by the clock. This means that the spring is ahead by just an hour adding an extra hour of daylight to the afternoon. About a century ago the concept of daylight saving worked well since it meant less usage of artificial light, this way there was saving of energy. Today, that is not practical since whether the sun is up or not, televisions, computers, air conditioning and other appliances use more energy. In actual sense, daylight saving has increased energy use. Know the daylight savings time history here!

Daylight saving petition will help reduce the number of people who get sick due to changing the clock. For majority of people, daylight saving cause tiredness which later results in other inconveniences. Lack of sleep is linked to daylight saving which causes increase in suicide, miscarriages, accidents and workplace injuries. It has also been linked to depression and likelihood of heart attacks especially to the elderly. Studies have shown that after the transition from spring, there is reduced productivity. Daylight saving petition is showing exceeding expectations.

End Daylight Saving Time will lead to increased work productivity; children will perform better in schools because they will be less tired.

Daylight saving petition works by word of mouth. A friend tells a friend and the cycle continues. The petitions aim is to get rid of daylight saving for good. This is believed to lead to fewer accidents because the roads will be much safer. The health issues that result from changing the clock will be significantly reduced. There will be increase benefits because majority of people don't believe in daylight saving time. To know more about daylight savings, visit this website at

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